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On Demand Webinar

Being there when you can’t be there

When traditional people roles become impossible, technology steps up to the plate.

Being There Webinar FI


Watch this On Demand Webinar any time!

COVID-19 exposed a problem that had been sneaking up on insurers for years – a human simply can’t be everywhere they’re needed, every single time. The problem goes beyond the pandemic. Rural or inaccessible areas make timely inspections difficult to impossible, and the increasing prevalence of customer self-service makes it easier to cheat the system.

For years, FRISS and Livegenic have helped carriers solve these problems. In this webinar, experts from both teams share lessons learned from previous tragedies and share their experience with suggestions on how carriers can get ahead of the next big catastrophe. That catastrophe, if carriers are not careful, could simply be the continued evolution of technology and modern customer demands. 

In 30 minutes you’ll learn:

  • The benefits insurtechs prove during economic downturns and natural disasters
  • Simple strategies to beat the next big disaster
  • How to embed simple solutions into your core insurance systems

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