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UNIQA x FRISS: How we realized $21 million in fraud savings

UNIQA Insurance Group AG was recognized as Celent Model Insurer in data, analytics and AI for the successful implementation of FRISS in their Strategic Group P&C Anti-Fraud Initiative.


What you'll learn in 35 minutes.

Join and see how UNIQA, Celent & FRISS explain how UNIQA realized: 

  • Total fraud savings of $21 million within the first years of being live
  •  $1.5 million increase in fraud savings per investigator 
  • A quick FRISS implementation in each country, delivering instant ROI
  • Better service for their sincere clients, enabling fast-tracked claims for a superb customer experience

Join Rainer Brunnhuber, IT Project Lead at UNIQA, Marty Ellingsworth, Senior Analyst at Celent and Henk Witke, COO at FRISS.