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Customer Story

IAG NZ Success Story



Insurance fraud, and the time taken to investigate it, was an increasing strain on resources. IAG needed to do more with less and show proof of the added value and cost savings.


• 47% productivity improvement in the claims management area
• Case volumes have grown three times, while maintaining the number of staff
• Achieve better investigator throughput



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“The solution has allowed us to look at all the different metrics, KPIs and SLAs throughout the investigation process and see where we can add the most value in the business,” Barrett says. “This is the first time we have had a single solution at IAG NZ that allows us to do that. And we can drill down on an individual investigator, team and location throughout the country, which allows us to tweak our business to provide a better service to our clients.” - Dan Barrett, Specialist, Performance and Recoveries, Claims Services,